Online Advertising

Online advertising is an easy and lucrative way to advertise with The Brown Daily Herald. When you purchase an online ad, you pay for the number of impressions — the number of times someone will see your ad. You can purchase online ads for either The Brown Daily Herald’s website, or for our affiliate blog, BlogDailyHerald. When you purchase an online ad, you are paying a certain amount per 1,000 impressions, depending on the location of the ad. The Brown Daily Herald’s website gets 40,000 impressions per week, so if you wanted your ad to be seen 40,000 times, you would purchase ad time in one of the spaces for a week. The difference in prices for the different spaces is a reflection of how much attention people generally pay to different areas of their screen.


The Brown Daily Herald now offers ads through our daily email newsletter! For $60 per day or $250 per week, you can have your ad delivered directly to 2,000 Brown community members’ email inboxes!

For a more customized option, you can work with our staff, and we will write a sponsored Blog post encouraging students to engage with your business! To find out more, inquire with our business staff at